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During these challenging Healthcare times, it is important for Brazos Springs DPC to be of service to the community and to help relieve the burden on our local healthcare system. To this end, Brazos Springs DPC is providing Primary Care Telemedicine services to non-members for a limited time.  Primary Care Telemedicine is available to newborns, children and adults in Texas. 

Charge for a completed Telemedicine visit will be $100 (no charge for members as Telemedicine  is already included). These visits are not reimbursed by insurance plans and all payments will be via bank transfer or credit card. If you already have a Primary Care Physician, I encourage you to contact their office first to maintain your ongoing relationship as many area PCPs have also made arrangements to provide Primary Care Telemedicine services to their patients. You may also want to find out if you have have access to larger corporate Telemedicine services covered through your health plan or employer.

Telemedicine takes care of non-emergent clinical conditions and in a pandemic helps avoid further viral transmission in the community by keeping people home and avoiding overcrowding in Emergency Departments, Doctors Offices and Medical Facilities. This will go a long way to protecting our vulnerable neighbors  with chronic diseases and our heroic Health Care Workers who are at the forefront of the fight against the Corona Virus. 


If you are having emergent symptoms such as severe chest pain, difficulty breathing or symptoms of a stroke please call 911 immediately or proceed to the nearest emergency room. Primary Care Telemedicine is only appropriate for non-emergent conditions.                                                                                


To schedule a Telemedicine visit with Brazos Springs DPC by phone or computer, please fill out the form below.

Here are some things to note:

- Your credit card is required but will only be charged $100 at your Telehealth visit. 

- Our EMR (Electronic Medical Record) is designed to take subscriptions and will request you to choose a date for automatic payments to proceed. Please pick a date to proceed but note YOU WILL ONLY BE CHARGED ONCE.

- Additional costs may apply if you require additional testing or an office visit.

We look forward to doing our part for the community and serving you !